ServerGen: CRA Alternative for NodeJS

ServerGen: CRA Alternative for NodeJS

This weekend I had a chance to dive into my old side project ServerGen. ServerGen is a CRA alternative for NodeJS.

NodeJS is a great framework, and I keep using it for my projects. But I don't like installing the dependencies, writing the same code, and making the MVC directory structure again & again, which is why I created ServerGen, which helps you set up a NodeJS project within seconds.

Using ServerGen

What is Currently Supported?

ServerGen currently supports the following features:

  • MVC Directory Structure ( Along with .gitignore file )
  • Multiple View Engine ( Pug, EJS, HBS )
  • Docker Support
  • Express/Node Server Boilerplate
  • Mongoose Boilerplate for MongoDB

What's Yet to Come?

  • Swagger Documentation
  • Passport Authentication
  • Sequalize ORM for MySQL & PostgreSQL

How to use it?

To use ServerGen, make sure you have NodeJS installed on your system. Install ServerGen by using the command npm i servergen

ServerGen (1).png

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Thank you for reading! 🚀